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Black Sea possible updates for any future modules

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MLRS is deadly weapon, but... it accuracy and dispersion depends from many factors - much more than for barrel artillery. So, doesn't seem to afraid brigade-level Grads in the game like "ultimate weapon".  

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In Objective Delta, the Russian Helo/fast air deliver some kind of 'sparkly' payload mainly against infantry in buildings, which is very nasty.

Does anyone know what kind of cluster munitions they're using?

In Syria, I think they're using cluster phosphorus!

In a quick muck around play in OD the US got hammered. I'm finding this scenario more realistic - in the sense that there's a lot going on from lots of systems - than most, though why the US puts strykers against tanks I couldn't possibly fathom. The strategy I'll be toying with next is to pull back and 'remove the feature'.


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And just a comment on MLRS, in game barrages are fine by me, so long as its realistic (the customer promise by Bf).

There is a constraint though on Minute 1 artie, and the scenario designer has to take care that the game starts after the battle field preparation has ended (and this is for both sides), so the troops if they're assumed to be subjected to pre game bombardment have a force set that reflects their state after such a barrage, not the pristine TOE that one so often sees.

So a very tight coordination between turn 1 barrages and movement is ok by me, if that's realistic, but the designer has to make the case for it (ie they need to explain why an MLRS arrives at the start line of the attacker if the attacker has only been standing there for a few minutes and is out of LOS).

Designers could show effects of pregame barrages, eg some troops are busted down the a lower level of experience, not at full strenth, start cautious or out of C2 range. In other tactical games, the pre-game barrage effects ones OB, and then the game starts. In CM, there could be a pre-game variable turn length to account for those barrages and a commensurate abstracted time to recover before the scenario proper starts.

Just a thought.

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