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2 minutes ago, SchnelleMeyer said:

According to Slitherines tea time twitch 19 days ago, the release of this CM Cold war has been postponed to June in order to integrate Slitherines PBEM system(?) - Why arent Battlefront straight up honest and sharing this information at once?  ... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/963748799?collection=L3pM9zH3YhYP6g

You could just read this first ...

Pre-orders for Combat Mission Cold War are now open. - Page 14 - Combat Mission Cold War - Battlefront.com Community

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Integration with Slitherine's PEBM system (or whatever it is they're doing) is a welcome perk to cooperating with Slitherine and BFC's very happy over it. It will not  slow down BFC's own release. They want the title out the door so Steve and Charles take a vacation (my speculation). ^_^ 

One supposes when Slitherine is finished doing what its doing BFC will offer a free patch upgrade to early-adopters of the BFC-sold game.

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