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Heaven & Earth Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread

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It's stronger than me when I have a new toy, I have to show it! :P
The Forests of Bong-Hai!     Tiger Stripe in action



@37mm You should post the output on the general forum, I think many like me do not or little watch modern conflict forums
I lost 8 days !!!

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1 hour ago, Erwin said:

Very nice.  Actually, the H&E mod is so much fun I just play regular CMSF2 scenarios with it on.  Looks great.

Oh I love switching it up. So many fun surprises to be had. Paint every scenario sand. Jumbos and jagdtigers in africa ;).

When I had H&E installed (might be still I havent touched SF....) I would do the same thing, play scenarios and come across plenty of wonderful surprises!

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A story...

Back in the year 2008, @MarkEzra made a quirky scenario featuring an intrepid reporter looking to take a snapshot.

This year, that scenario has been converted & used as a tense assassination mission set in the villages of Bong-Hai...


Mods are almost pointless without content & scenario creators.

Even if you have only a half-finished scenario or a half-baked idea, send us a PM... get in the game.

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Very nice @Falaise this new "module" is already a new game himself...and when CMCW come out we will have more things and created some fight almost around the world from the 80 to probably 2000...!

I see you ready in Rwanda, Colwezi...

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26 minutes ago, Falaise said:

a Colwesi ok 

Rwanda less !!! there are currently the lawsuit to know to what extent we have allowed the great catastrophe to happen !!

or then to rewrite history !

There is Tchad and Lebanon too

...a lot of place will come on the forum... 

Yes I listening Macron about this...

The forum is the pen to rewrite story, and this bring us more close to the middle East conflict.

So wait and see...

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