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U.S. 60mm Mortar Designation Seems Incorrect

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I’ve been reading the TO&E for Cold War and have noticed a possible inconsistency with the U.S. 60mm mortar version. The TO&E lists it as an M224A1. Unfortunately, since the time frame for this release is 1979 to 1984, the M224A1 didn’t exist at that time. The M224 replaced the M2 and M19 mortars in the Mid-1970’s, but the improved M224A1 wasn’t introduced until 2011. That puts it’s introduction into service something like 17 years after the time frame of the of the Cold War module. The increased range and ammunition types of the M224A1 could adversely affect any battle fought in the 1979-1984 timeframe.

Perhaps “M224A1” is just a typo in the TO&E list, and BFC isn’t including weapons that are almost two decades before they were actually introduced into service.

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On 3/28/2021 at 2:50 PM, IICptMillerII said:

I think that might be a typo on the website. In game, it is labeled as the M224. Here is a screenshot of it. Bear in mind, the UI is still work in progress:


Also, the games timeframe is 1979-1982 🙂

Ah, that explains it! My mortar section in 1978 had M2’s. That was in a USMCR unit. Marine reserves probably didn’t get M224’s until the M224A1’s were issued to the Army. That was how it usually happened😢


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