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why does the bazooka has such a f king terrible accuarcy?

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To be honest, i was tolernated so many times about this issue.

Once a time, my men(veteran) weren't suppresedm , they have a good view  for shooting ,no block, the enmey tank is just about 30-40meters far away. After shooting about 9 rounds, they still can not hit the targer for even once.

No matter your men are sit in the plain or the high floor, they can never hit the target.

Just now, i 've suffered on more time, the same map, another location on a floor, the enmey's tank just drive by the house about 20meters far away, and they still can not hit the target, the round even doesn't mean to hit the tank but seems to hit a ground which is about 15 meters far away(it shows like the men just never aim to the tank but somewhere higher)

Anyway to solve this problem? 

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3 hours ago, Bulletpoint said:

I haven't seen this problem. In my experience, even the cheap US bazooka is normally accurate out to about 80m using regular troops. Are you sure you're not manually plotting an area fire order and mistakenly clicked to target the ground?

I think you're right, the best way let the TacAI solve the problem or use a cover-arc.

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Most of the time I use bazookas, I usually hit something at least once before he runs out of ammo.
The best use of them is from ambush, at short range, without using the Target command to force Tube Guytm to shoot when he doesn't want to.

That being said, sometimes the guy just can't hit the broadside of a building 60 meters away.
You gotta remember, it's basically a bottle rocket fired from a tube in terms of accuracy. The projectile is NOT stabilized in any way.


It has fins, but relies on nothing more than aerodynamic forces to keep it pointed in the right direction. It doesn't even spin.

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On 3/9/2021 at 12:14 AM, BornGinger said:

It seems that most weapons aren't very accurate in these games.

It's only the infantry weapons that are modelled to be inaccurate. Every gun mounted on a vehicle is very accurate. Infantry HMG can't hit a thing. Tank mounted HMG is deadly.

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The emotional state of the gunner makes a difference.  I have seen bazooka hits at 200m range from a rested and non-suppressed team that had no fear of being shot at.  Probably if one is in a tank, one can be similarly more relaxed if only firing a MG?

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