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Can the poisition of ai made some changes when standing at the corner or the roof?

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it is quite stupid, when your troops are at a high ground but with staright plain, usually they will just prone on the edge of the hill.

I mean, it is a very good place, good cover good view, but this game just make them prone at a dangerous place without cover or anything else. can't u just move back a little when they are at such a possition?

The same about the roof, some times u need to shoot the rocket lancher, however , for the IS, they are low on skills to shoot the target even within the 50 meters, somtimes you didn't hit the enemy and pine down yourself, but if they stand above the roof, once they find cover, same thing happen as on the high ground

Last thing is about the peek

Usually the view of the troops are terribly suck and they don't even know to find a good cover, just step back a little ,stay away from wall, they can't

would you make the ai more smater if they detect any bullets shoot around them? but not like a fool to cover on a dangerous place or prone on the edge of the hill of the roof

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You are looking at the game to provide a greater amount of fine detail than it designed to provide.

I think of it as a balance between being very moderately Operational and very Granularly Tactical.

It is not perfect. Mind you I have been playing wargames for a very long time and I have not found anything better. Try to enjoy it for what it is.

Out of curiosity, what other wargames do you play?

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