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I've been messing with QB battles and I noticed the US infantry squads in SF have little ammo compared to BS. I know the ammo caliber is shared among all members, but each infantry soldier contributes to the squad ammo "pool". Of the 9 man US infantry squad, 7 are riflemen, and by comparing with other units, and splits squads, one can easily deduce that each rifleman carries (contributes) 210 rounds for a (sub-)total of 1470 rounds (a minor exception in BS is the one carrying the M110 changing 210 5.56 for 140 7.62).

In Shock Force the squad carries 1870 rounds giving a total of 400 rounds for the SAW gunners, or 200 rounds each - only a single 200 round box magazine.

In Black Sea the squad carries 3470 rounds giving a total of 2000 rounds for the SAW gunners, or 1000 rounds each.

Maybe the load carried in fictional Syria was/should be lower than that of expecting a fight against Russia in eastern Europe, but the Shock force numbers seems sorta ridiculous for the SAW gunner to contribute fewer rounds than the rifleman. Of course you can partially workaround this if you are using the carrier vehicles and acquire, but it is possible to play with only dismounts.

Any thoughts?

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Good observations and data here; be interested in hearing thoughts from the game TO&E advisers who are active here. That team includes vets who have done MidEast street time, so I am confident the combat loadouts are well chosen.

On a related note, is there any way to get rid of the 84mm guided AT launchers that are now organic to the CMSF2 US Army and Marine squads?

In CMSF1, you used to be able to set equipment quality to 'Poor' (by 2008 standards), which would give you 2004 era kit and nothing heavier in terms of organic AT than LAWS. US forces don't lug these things around when on counterinsurgency missions. They might store a few in their Humvees for blasting suspected VBIEDs (with permission from HQ), but RoE didn't give squads  discretion to level houses in firefights.

... Anyway, the only way I've found to get rid of them is to set the squad's ammo levels to Severe, which of course affects small arms ammo too and requires them to have a vehicle nearby to restock at game start, which is a kludge. I'd rather just have them at Full ammo but not carrying these bloody rockets.

And yes, I could choose different formations like Sniper or Escort platoons, but then I wouldn't have proper infantry squads operating together as such. Thoughts welcome.

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