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Fire & Rubble Release Date Pool

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1 hour ago, ratdeath said:

CMCW (battlefront version) and CMFR will release on the same day!

I hope not! After we have a minimum release time of 1 1/2 weeks for F&R , I hope, that CMCW comes out earlier

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31 minutes ago, Probus said:

I hope we don't have to wait that long. 

Here is a great mini-series on the war between Finland and the Soviets during WWII told from the Finnish perspective:


Really good quality production. The Finnish really did a number on the Soviets. Maybe inspire the next DLC after Fire & Rubble @BFCElvis? 😁

That would most certainly be my number one. Problem is the Finns used a large variety of vehicles.

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BFC has taken every bit of decent advice ive posted on this forum. And I say thanks for listening to us. 

With this talk of CM3 however, 

I agree it should be done after the current planned modules and before any unplanned modules. We can live with a couple games not being totally complete. (Reasoning: is it worth waiting another 5 years just to flesh out modules? Probably not, unless you plan on staying in the design business for another decade.).

In regards to that - Perhaps it is wise to not go NUTS on CM2 MP system... Unless you can transfer go cm3. If you decide to push cm2 for another 5 years then go nuts. If cm3, then dont. You guys definitely already know this but historically my suggestions have been followed ;) 


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10 minutes ago, wadepm said:

Is co-operative multiplayer something that BF are contemplating?  t would be cool though... 

Contemplating, yes...i'm sure they are since it's been requested frequently for quite some time. If it's high on their to-do list though I don't know....Hopefully ! 😋


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23 minutes ago, wadepm said:

 t would be cool though... 

Yepp, it would...

Being able to play as a regimental sized kampfgruppe for example in co-op...would be kind of neat. 😊

I guess that something like that would require a 'rather large' map though...


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