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CMA Dynamic Campaign: Afghan Dust

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Hello, I am Rice and I am about to start my first trial run of my Combat Mission Afghanistan dynamic campaign; Afghan Dust.

This dynamic campaign will feature 6 total players and me, as the Game Master. I will post screenshots and updates about the ongoing game here. As for introduction to how the game is intended to work I will provide a brief description. Currently the trial run is meant to serve as a Beta Test to make sure it holds up as an actually playable game.

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What units do the players command?

Each team has a battalion starting out. The Soviets in this trial run will be starting with an Motorized Rifle Battalion using BTR-60PBs. Each player gets one of the three companies. They must then decide as a team where to deploy the remaining assets (for this game, they will have an Anti-Tank platoon to allocate where they all agree it would be best). The Mujahideen has an Islamic Battalion backing them as well. (Same player to player distribution as soviets in terms of command)

Each team will get addition assets such as artillery, aircraft, and more units as per GM allocation.

What is the map like?

The map is a patch torn out of Afghanistan's mountain highways. The game centers around the town of Anjoman and the surrounding terrain.

(Game Map on Google Earth)

How long is the campaign?

This depends on the objectives but games objective but I am not sure how long it will take in real time to play out. I expect 3 weeks to 1 month.

How can I join?

The game will open up to the public once the Trial Game has concluded and I have had made time to review and alter the games rules and structure for a more fun experience. I will post on this thread when that happens.

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More posts to come explaining more details. Please reply with any questions.


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2 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

What are you doing for the battle maps? 

Each map will be 1x1km (just like the hexes) Their creation will be aided by per-existing maps, user-made maps (cut up and edited), and since I have a lot of experience making maps I will be doing most of them by hand probably. The maps terrain will correspond to the real life location the battles take place in.

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53 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Cool.....Don't suppose you'd fancy bundling them up for potential future use in single player scenarios at some point?

CM:A badly needs more & better maps.

Sure. I'll send you or publish the maps I make.

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Posted (edited)


Update on the game so far, The Soviet Team is clearing down the highway while the Mujahideen are moving into setup position.

Edited by Rice
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26 minutes ago, Ivan Zaitzev said:

This looks great! I would love to join on the Soviet side once the option is open. Great idea Rice.

Thank you, this trial game is extremely helpful for refining the ruleset for the public games.

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