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Operation Gemse, the German counteroffensive at Lauban 1945

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10 minutes ago, BornGinger said:

As my dad had the correct age but didn't want to serve the Germans, he did what other Estonians had done before him and crossed the Finnish Bay to fight the Soviets in the Infantry Regiment 200 with the other so called Soomepoissid.

IIRC in those days the sea froze between Tallinn and Helsinki and one could walk, perhaps drive across.  Good times...  :unsure:

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4 minutes ago, Bubba883XL said:

I'm certainly an eastern from fanatic. Currently reading about battle for Posen january45, and of Breslau. 

I always said I was East Front first, even on this fine forum.  And RT was my first CM title. 

However I have noticed a strange trend in recent months - I spend far more time playing FB and BN (plus a bit of FI).  Maybe that's about to change...

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There's definitely enough love, but not enough time 😉

FB is great, has a different and I would say a good 'feel' about it.  Of course it doesn't have as much content (stock and additional) as BN and RT.

If you really mean BS (and not BN) then I'm the same - no BS here 😁.

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On 2/21/2021 at 9:51 AM, Aragorn2002 said:

The attack was started by the 56th Guard Tank Brigade and the 23rd Guard Armoured Brigade of the 7th Guard Tank Corps in the evening of 17 February.

Is this Soviet Operation Gemse somehow connected to the German Operation Solstice?

Operation Solstice began on the 15 or 16 February with the aim to execute an offensive against the Soviets to encircle them around the river Oder. Soviet forces were to be attacked from Stargard in Pommerania as well as from Glogau in Silesia. But as things didn't go as planned the German offensive turned into a smaller attack.

It also had a large tank battle up in Pommerania.

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