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So the "How to Fight" video during the T-62 comparison section, they mention the infantry anti-tanks weapons. At the 34:33 mark they mention the hand grenade. I find it interesting that this filmed representation of a hand grenade attack on a tank has a Soviet infantryman using a Soviet AT-Grenade with a shaped charge warhead. The uniform with the big buttons down the front and the shape of the helmet is a give away as is the type of grenade he is using.


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If you can find it- a great film to get in the mood for this game is the documentary 'Manoeuvre' by Wiseman. It follows a US armored unit through a NATO exercise in Germany in about 1979. Sadly I can't turn it up on the web at the  moment. Quite a good portrait of the Army and the officers and men of the era, I think, tho it was a few years earlier than my service. 

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Gives an idea of what the NBC procedures were like for UK Forces, i can't emphasise enough how much time was spent on Exercise in BAOR (83 - 88) in some kind of NBC readiness, and carrying out these drills on a regular basis night or day. It was common place for our CO to order a Gas drill at some ungodly time of the morning just as you pulled into laager following a route march or relocation.





Cheers all

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I've spent ages trying to find the full version of that Fighting in Woods video! Thank you very much!

There was another British Army one describing an encounter battle floating around, but it seems to have been taken down.

Here's another:


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4 minutes ago, slippy said:

Christ that takes me back!! Good post mate, did you notice that not one British soldier or vehicle was destroyed? I knew we were good, but that's taking the piss 😉.

Well if you want to see friendly casualties I highly recommend Demolition Guard ... made by the same studio 😉 and one that I do remember watching in the early 80s ...

The demollition Guard - YouTube


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