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[Music] Setting the mood


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1 hour ago, Mord said:


Good stuff. New Wave/Synthi Pop is my time travel music. The best period was around 78-82 (with exceptions), before it got overly produced and derivative. When I think Cold War era or 80's, that's my soundscape.  I've spent the last decade researching bands and songs I may have missed from back then.



Yes I like also these music period I am really a fan of the 80 but with a certain style not always appreciated from everybodys ont this time, with barbarian name , new, cold, punk, dark, ...waves but with guitar, voices sounds or drum that let you have goosbumps or let you be yourself a music note..., I forget to  mention to your choice The Car also very nices songs ! 


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For your further listening pleasure, JD in their classic punk and pop phase:

"You think they give a damn about their bills in Russia?"

(The life of a CM modder's always intense!) 

And B52s is always great video arcade brain chewing gum....

...And while we're diving down the New Wave teen synthpop rabbit hole (this was my younger sisters' playlist not mine at the time, but it grew on me...)



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Eine kleine TG in den haus!

'Marching Music for Psychic Youth', one of the original industrial tracks, very much an acquired taste.

(And don't let the imagery mislead you, I am *not* encouraging anyone to dump skinhead romper stomper sewage here. Genesis P. Orridge had a long career making very edgy cultural statements, but s/he loathed politics. And nzi punks can still eff off as far as I'm concerned.).

Or put another way....


That said, head nod to Danny Elfman (who has since recanted whatever his wrongthink was back when)


And while I'm in the WLIR 1982 playlist:

This is America! / How's your favourite son? / Do you care just what he's done?


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