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[Music] Setting the mood


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UB40 in their early dub phase- (If this is too grim their later cover of Roy Acuff's "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" will cheer you up again.)

Klaus Nomi, great lyrics- "Fallout, If someone calls we're all out, turning into French fries."

I also recommend any video from the Nina Hagen Band's 1978 Rockpalast concert.

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On 5/10/2021 at 1:08 AM, Dr.Fusselpulli said:

Love XMal Deutschland, they have quite a rough and haunting sound. "Orient" is one of my favorite tracks. Anja Huwe now is a painter in Hamburg.

I discover this band already later but was fascinated from the sound of the drum and the music in general, not really by the voice, this was later with another song !

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6 hours ago, JM Stuff said:


Gary Numan

Human League 


Good stuff. New Wave/Synthi Pop is my time travel music. The best period was around 78-82 (with exceptions), before it got overly produced and derivative. When I think Cold War era or 80's, that's my soundscape.  I've spent the last decade researching bands and songs I may have missed from back then.



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