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[Music] Setting the mood


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OK, a list, which progressively strays from the timeline.  First we have a playlist of the soundtrack to "Operation Flashpoint":

...only missing the USSR national anthem which played during install:

The theme to Airwolf, 1984 so close enough:

The OST to ThunderHawk... 1993 but it rocks in that cold war baby, gulf war teen way.  Like the first Offspring album.  Track 4 was used for the intro and is a straight banger:

A choice from one of my favourite indie bands Harvey Danger.  Hey it mentions tanks rolling into Warsaw...

Finally, back again all the way to 1939:


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10 minutes ago, Dr.Fusselpulli said:

Or the British band Click Click, this early 80s song should have a direct Cold War topic as well:


Yes I know click click also, I think we have to take contact together to share some minds !

I am sure to have lot of things to let discovers together !

In my opinion, we have to remember that Here is a Communtity of Battles with some sounds of musics sometimes, so sad to say this,  but I can be wrong to thinking like this, I hope not,  but I am full with you and others ones to share and talking about what we like !



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34 minutes ago, Dr.Fusselpulli said:

Sorry, I can´t take Chris Pohl serious.
Why not post the original, which is better and fits the 80s timeframe. :)


Agree I like also only the original and not some remix and long extra version and this for all musics !

 what for a text...forever...n young sigh !

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