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CM Cold War - Beta AAR - Soviet Thread - Glorious Soviet Victory at Small German Town 1980

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4 hours ago, The_Capt said:

Then once I have watered the West German countryside with my blood (and other fluids) he will make his reach for Dollbach (Hands...dirty, old, wrinkly hands with yellow fingernails).  I will be at a significant disadvantage at this point because I will be dead, and you do not fight so well when dead (Capt's rule #2).

Poetry. This thread is pure poetry and fine art. 🙂

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19 hours ago, Vacilllator said:

I'm not sure.  Steve, Bil and Warren sitting in an office devoid of their pants?

We are all working from home in front of desks with cameras on our faces. Pants don't matter any more.

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13 minutes ago, IanL said:

We are all working from home in front of desks with cameras on our faces. Pants don't matter any more.

Lol, well they are warmer than no pants - at least in my kind of work 😁.
Here the formal attires also don't matter any more since everyone's working from home. While some stick to shaving & wearing suits (looks funny if they are working from a attic full of boxes and toys), most are sporting massive beards, wild hairs and a jumper of some kind. Luckily our company already ditched the formal wearing stuff a couple of years ago, so not much changed for me. Although it's comfy 'going to work' in a track suit 🤣


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6 hours ago, The_Capt said:

So basically we will play Bil's snipey peeky game for a bit, push recon out into that town to make me look desperate and then freakin charge on the left. 

Totally sounds like a plan Capt - the maskirovka bit will be key, as there may be "player shock" if you truly surprise Bill.

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9 hours ago, The_Capt said:

Bil's Plan.  So I have learned some time ago that you are not fighting vehicles and equipment, you are fighting a person (Capt's rule #1).  So spend time understanding and getting inside the head of that person.  With Bil it is easy because we have been sparring in CM for just about 2 decades now.  So here is what I am thinking, that Bil is thinking:

One thing to note, is that while you can get into Bil's head, he can surely get into yours as well.

So, first you make your plan. Then, Bil plans around your plan, which you anticipate.
Then, you plan a plan around the plan Bil is planning around your plan, and you catch him with his pants down!

Keep that in mind.

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13 hours ago, The_Capt said:

My end goal is to make Bil more dead than me, not to get heavily invested in the West German real estate market.

I think you have the right mind set towards the enemy: Kill Bils pixeltruppen 😀 Now, looking forward to se how good Soviet tanks are against US tanks.

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March to Glorious Victory Post #2 - When Bourgeoisies Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (1-4 mins)

So we are off.  On map, I have a Recon Company of the finest young men that the Soviet Union has ever produced.  Given my relatively crappy position the good news is that there are a lot of trails and cutline so I have room to spread this Coy out and take a wide - EYES (wink, wink) stance.  This shot of initial setup turn one from Bil's (soon to be my) side:


You will note that I am going to leave my tank platoon back, saving it for the big push.

Then in the second minute I immediately see that decrepit old goats little ploy:


Oh Bil, you dirty capitalist dotard!!  Yep, he knows that Soviet troops do not do so well in smoke, while a lot of his units have fancy sights etc.  Next turn the smoke continues to build:


So this was turn three and by now, I am all along that tree line, playing the role of the Sneaky Pete, while Bill continues to pollute the planet.  S'ok, my tanks are still back and I have a screen of BMPs out there playing silly buggers.  Turn 4:


First shot, you can see my recon squads, already dismounted and starting to push out across the open area.  They are dead men already but they play their part.  My FOs are already laying in this nice red lines in my brilliant plan, but it is going to take a looong time for that to drop (18mins for big guns...thank you EW).

Second shot:


And there on a hill, through the smoke is a suspected contact, probably a TOW, which means it can see through the smoke like the world sees through the corrupt Yankee economic system.  That's it Bil, up on your hill....feeling so safe and superior...I can hear him whispering "come to me...come to Dollbach"...oh we are coming alright....



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