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U.S. Thread - CM Cold War - BETA AAR - Battle of Dolbach Heights 1980

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1 hour ago, Bil Hardenberger said:

No donut for me, I'm on a diet... :D 

I am looking to kill or maim all of his armor.  Then I will call in the infantry to clear the town and make it safe.  That is NOT a Cavalry Troop's job.  ;) 


Music to my ears. Win the armor battle, then the crunchies are toast.

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The Twenty-Third & Twenty-Fourth Minutes – Saga of Tank Section 1

“If the tanks succeed, then victory follows.”

Heinz Guderian


Tank Section 1... quite an exciting turn to watch actually... well, it was for me.  :) 

As tank 1/8 came around the corner it immediately spotted a T-62 presenting its flank.  It appears that Warren did not see their approach!! 



  • Kill 1 - T-62

While the crew of 1/8 was exchanging high-fives a BMP-1 popped into shooting range and fired it's gun... which surprisingly hit 1/8 and penetrated! 




Though shocked and surprised 1/8's crew got its siht together, neatly pivoted its turret and destroyed the BMP.  Damage from the BMP's gun  round was minor, though the crew would remain shocked for the remainder of the turn and would start to withdraw in the next.


  • Kill 2 - BMP-1

Tank 1/9 drove up alongside 1/8 and while it was dealing with the BMP, 1/9 spotted and destroyed another T-62... these were almost simultaneous actions.



  • Kill - 3 T-62

So overall a successful foray.  Warren did have some infantry teams in this area by the way... luckily none were in position to attack my tanks and they were following his armor up the hill.  After these two turns some of these teams started skedaddling back to the woods.

Tank Section 1 will now withdraw a bit and wait to see what Warren's response is.


One of the Dragon teams joined in the fun launching a Dragon at another BMP.




After these turns Warren started to pull back on this approach. The following image shows his high-water mark...  if he had kept pushing he would have run into my three M-150's kill zones... Warren's foremost BMP was meters from entering the killing zone of the M-150 shown in this image when it started to retreat.

The three surviving Dragon teams are withdrawing to their next line, in case the Soviets decide to push their luck.



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1 hour ago, Rice said:

@Bil HardenbergerAs updates drop for the Beta build, will you be updating your game? Or just playing on the version you started the scenario with. Mostly asking because you held off on showing unfinished things as points (Dragon firing animation)

Ummm... nope.  Once these are posted that's it for me.. look forward not back.  I even ripped the rearview mirrors off my car. ;)  

3 hours ago, BletchleyGeek said:

Those were two fun turns, Bil. Any chance of a video covering the last 5 minutes of the battle? It would be a great advertisement for the game.

Interesting idea.. sounds like a lot of work.  :P  I will consider it.

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On 3/25/2021 at 1:32 AM, Bil Hardenberger said:

You cut me to the quick... 

Mea culpa, but victory will be all the sweeter when all the naysayers are forced to come back hat in hand, right? Silver linings.

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They definitely should.

This game needs to be marketed as a multiplayer sandbox with a solid historical foundation. If BFC can keep pushing successful titles like this on big platforms that get a lot of attention they will quickly become the staple of wargaming. That is ONLY if they are able to get a dedicated lobby browser going to make joining MP games as simple as possible. Even if it's a little ghetto. Something like AOE2's lobby browser. Simple and clean. You would have to allow file transfers between players somehow (having a small dedicated server for this?). Obviously these games are the ****!!

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3 hours ago, The_MonkeyKing said:

A video AAR of this match would be epic. This would probable require giving the save files and beta access to some content creator like @Hapless

@Battlefront.com , @BFCElvis would this be possible? Would be great marketing! 

Ooh yes! Not only would this be epic for us to get to watch this in video format, but it would give an excellent preview of the game to potential customers who don't frequent the Battlefront forums. If Bil, Cap, and Hapless (and whoever from Battlefront would be needed to authorize it) can be brought on board with the idea then I can think of no reason why they shouldn't do this.

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