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CM Cold War takes place on the cusp of big changes happening to both the American and Soviet armies. The arrival of Abrams and Bradley changes the nature of the fight in Europe. Also in this time fram

Some great shots taken by @George MC featuring the T-80: And a bonus shot of an M577 in the Fall:

Hi all, really looking forward to this module. I served in BAOR from 1983 - 1988, so a little after this initial release. From my time at least i would say one of the main concerns was NBC warfare, no

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7 hours ago, Battlefront.com said:

Either we show it expanded and have it look strange on the back or we show it collapsed and have it look strange when fired.

Funny thing is, I don't think I ever actually noticed that before, but my vote would be to leave it collapsed, because about 99% of the time you see it, it's on the guy's back.

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2 hours ago, MikeyD said:

The terrain shift when shifting between Germany and NTC region in QB is dramatic. I can see people playing faux Yom Kippur war engagements on the NTC landscape, its like having two separate games.

Germany vs NTC.jpg

This is why this new game-campaign are really welcome, I guest some later add-ons will also follow ... 

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What is this emotion I'm feeling?
It's a strange mix of optimism and excitement?
There's just some thing about a giant infrared spotlight that just appeals to me on a fundamental level.

Aww, geez.
My one remaining heart string has been strummed.
My one last feeling has been felt.

Please just hurry up and take my money.

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6 minutes ago, AttorneyAtWar said:

Hey Chris! Glad you're still alive man, I missed you and your streams!

Any plans to bring em back or are you swamped right now?

I've been busying getting this Cold War game into your hands. :D

No time for streaming nowadays. Just too much work to do (in a good way).

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Reading up on this stuff (for work purposes) I was shocked to discover NOTHING back then worked properly. Tanks, rifles, mgs, ATGMs, aircraft, etc. It all seemed to be built to the level of quality of a 1979 Chevrolet Chevette. Sgt York was just the most notorious example. Everyone knows M60A2 was a disaster, its less well known that M60A3 fire control system was made by the same folks who made M60A2 fire control system (with all that implies), that the tank was shipped to Europe with few spare parts. On receipt of the tank crews had to go from one end of the vehicle to the other fixing manufacturing defects along the way. Even M163 Vulcan AA vehicle had a surprisingly poor reputation in the field.  I'm reminded of a line by former Secretary of State Rumsfeld (1975-77) "First we'll field it, then we'll fix it." When you read the backstories of the equipment and doctrine of the time the US doesn't quite come off as the unbeatable überforce of legend.

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5 minutes ago, Sophist_13 said:

Will the Soviets have 'reinforced battalion' (the Soviet version of the battalion-sized task force?)

Yes. It comes with some AA elements and an attached tank company (or an attached motor rifle company if from the tank branch)

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Just thought I'd report that the M107 175mm gun was still in use in 1979 . My unit 6/10 FA was such a unit and converted to the M110A2 8" in the summer of 1979 but a big deal was made that we were the first unit in the whole US Army to do so.

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