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Opponent wanted any CM WW2 game (I have ordered RT - FR


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Let me introduce myself:

I have been playing wargames since the early 80´s. Avalon Hill games ( and of course a lot of SL and mainly ASL( I even made historical module - when it finaly was printed 20 years later, it did not get great reviews : https://www.desperationmorale.com/products/westerplatte-case-white-1939/

After finding CM, that took over gradually - and I have given away all my board games ( I still miss them as reference some times).

 - Anyways I have a proud record of loosing about  66 to 75 percent of all games in those 40 years - I do tend to roleplay and like my troops to much. But I never will stop learning.

I can't promise a turn a day - depends on the work, family and general situation we all are in at the moment.


1)I have all CM WW2 games and all updates/DLC's.

2)I play any side - but have played mainly German in CM.

3)I will not play scenarios I have played before - unless specifically agreed.

4) Midsized to large (not huge) games perferred  

5) In case of playing a QB I like to keep buying at least within some kind of historical probability.

Also I like to know who I am playing so be prepared to hear about me, as I like to hear who my adversary is. At least as some kind of indtroduction.

Please drop me a mail/ PM if you feel like taking on a new opponent.


Best Regards


Morten Lundsteen

Copenhagen - Denmark

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Well, I will be more than happy to give you battle.

And on top of it, you can select and pick whatever you like.

I actually love playing Scenarios h2h, so if there is any that you have not played that you want to that would be great.


I will play pretty much any format and I have all games, so whichever.

The only battles I do not like is meeting engagements when its player purchase. (they bore me to death and are not very realistic)

If interested, contact me in a message and we will set something up.

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