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Fire and Rubble: What are you looking forward to the most?

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Losing, it's what I do best.

What I'm looking forward to most is testing Lend Lease Shermans against T34s. CM Unthinkable when?

When the Russians hit the 'Germany' region a number of basegame German vehicles switch to a new 'late war' factory camouflage. So even if you've got the 'usual suspects' fighting it out in a scenario

On 3/2/2021 at 10:20 AM, Artkin said:

I thought Seelow was considered for one of the battles? If not he has other great videos. In his reichstag video he said there were 154 soviet killed and 300+ killed+captured germans april30-may 1 (or 2 I cant remember). That works in CM terms

Yes, Seelow Heights is one of the standalone battles in the module. ASL Veteran is the scenario designer.

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1 hour ago, ratdeath said:

Release or release not. There is no try!


There is only release, we shall not allow ourselves to get pre-occupied with mundane concepts like time and space. How dare you mention the heresy of release not?

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18 minutes ago, t34577685 said:

release the game now!👿

I have no game to play,even play bravely default 2  to waiting F&B and CMCW

Your post made me think of what would Combat Mission titles sound like if these had to describe the main mechanics of the games... "Firing & Moving 2: Fire & Rubble"? "Shooting & Scooting 2: Fire & Rubble"? "Briefly Targeting 2: Fire & Rubble"?


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Forget the vibes... release it already!!!  lol


I have 6 weeks of vaca this year (a bonus from the company), and I can't think of anything better than:
a) playing CMFR,
b) finishing my map et al based on scans of Library of Congress maps "L-37-6-B Dmitrijewka" (covers Dmitrijewka and Stepanowka). Gotta find the right units and books about that area, and build a scenario/campaign.

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