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Fire and Rubble: What are you looking forward to the most?

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Losing, it's what I do best.

Deliver the process will.

I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with the new module to take it earlier in the war. Yes, of course I will enjoy the fruits of many great folks labors with (for example) Berlin battles

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In a futur futur update:

-Ski units
-Fin Hun Rou Bul Cro
-Soviet satellite axes
-Partisans including women
-Civilian with possibility to take weapons
-All kind of vehicles axes soviet

-Variety of landscapes covering Poland

Actual :


Lend lease veh

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Basically the module itself. I was waiting for it along seven long years.

After release announcement this is my list:
1. Winter. There isn't Eastern Front without snow.
2. New vehicles, especially late war versions and Lend-lease.
3. New units, mainly partisans and Volkssturm.

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Volkssturm as reinforcement. Access the local telephone system in C2. (This should happen in modern warfare too.) Taking captured weapons, innovations (Molotov Cocktails). Buildings allow for subterranean warfare. Berlin subway system, opportunity to make Hitler POW and flush him out of his Führer bunker. Storming the Reichtag should be fun too. 

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"On 18 January 1945, the IV SS Panzer Corps, whose relocation to the region north-east of Lake Balaton had been completed on the previous day, was again thrown into battle. This was Operation Konrad III. In two days the Germans tanks reached the Danube at Dunapentele, tearing the Soviet Transdanubian front apart, and by 26 January the offensive had reached a point roughly 25 kilometers from the ring around the capital."

Maybe we can change history ... 

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38 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Release day.  ;)

After that it would be seeing how far I can bend things in the editor.

Same. We have been stuck waiting for this module for 3 years (6 since it was first teased, if I remember correctly). Plus once this module its released, and the one for FB also does, a new door for new conflicts to explore opens up, as late 2WW will be nearly fully covered up (The hungarian, romanian, finish armies between others are still unrepresented, unfortunetly); so we will finaly see them (hopefully) moving into the early war, or they might cover a new conflict, wether real or hipotetical; or they might start working into CM3. Either way, they will start working into something truly new.

As for this module, I am also curious how flexible will the partisans and volkstrum TOE be, and how many possibilities will they proporcionate. Also cannot wait to see that Berlin map

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I don't have Red Thunder so I won't buy this module. But I look forward to all the youtube videos that will be up soon after you all can play it and I also look forward to all the discussions about it after you've played it for a while.


New units, mainly partisans and Volkssturm.

A good chance to make a civil war scenario where two villages are separated by a forest and the ones on the left side don't like the ones on the right side and of course the same with the ones on the other side of the forest. Both of the villages want to control the apple tree farm on the hill in the middle of the forest.

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11 hours ago, Hapless said:

What I'm looking forward to most is testing Lend Lease Shermans against T34s.

CM Unthinkable when? :P

The difference in situational awareness of the T-34/76 vs. Shermans should be interesting. I've always thought that, if you could create a simulator where people crewed actual equipment and wargamed so that situational awareness, crew fatigue and bailout (with judges declaring survivor numbers) were actually experienced, "Best Tank of WWII" threads would read rather differently.

For what I'm looking forward to the most...

  1. Updated TOE and some vehicles to fudge earlier period engagements.
  2. The glory of the new maps, models, textures and snow.
  3. Getting the pieces I need to finish my project!
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Units other than Beglietgrenadiers with a high percentage of StG 44.

Snow and the other new terrain features.

I'm normally mostly all PBEM, but defending against the AI in hopelessly outnumbered scenario's so it's actually a challenge.

Schwimmwagens fording streams.

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5 hours ago, MikeyD said:

German vehicles switch to a new 'late war' factory camouflage.

Primer based? 

Hope you used the right base-colours.....TBH it's a fekkin minefield!  :P

7 hours ago, Vergeltungswaffe said:

I'm normally mostly all PBEM, but defending against the AI in hopelessly outnumbered scenario's so it's actually a challenge.

Preserving small units over the duration a long battle on a big map is another decent option for play against the AI.....It's what @MOS:96B2P has done in TOC (CM:BS), Coup (CM:SF2) and the long awaited Alarmheiten (CM:RT) and it's something that I'm using on a couple of my own projects.


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