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Sorry, my english is not the best:

(Is like mine)

If you want we can sometime talk in german don t have any problem !

I try to be more clear with My english 

A mod is possible M1 but only With or Without not both 

A mod is possible M1a1 but only With or Without not both

so in fact to make short I did already

M1 without 

M1a1 with 


if you or somebody else have another wishe(s) tell me that I can integrated on time in the mod !




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Appreciated yours comments @Damian45 , is also because of yours mods first, that I want only give my personly touch, with your aprobation, I promess you to have some dirties soldiers look, but without your mod  this job will not be possible, so enjoy and thanks to comments it, I have to retouching left and right, make some test first, my big sadness is that we cannot do the dressing in 3d this will be very wonderfull effect., and when somebodys have more Ideas I am all ears ..than the mod will be available, let please only flowing a little water in the river first...


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Radio check over....


<img src=CM-Normandy-2021-02-26-18-14-50-30.jpg


Hmmm !!! ??? missing something !

the 3d effect is not really there but I cannot do something else !


Mising the laryngophone here on the pictures !


<img src=smod-american-coveralls-uniform-5.jpg


<img src=smod-american-coveralls-uniform-2.jpg


Tell me what you are thinking about guys !

I don t know if us army were using these suspende for the radio material  ?? but me in my younge time yes 😆


is because is to high and is not showing on the 3d model !

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