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Hi guys, I was making some little experiments with CM and Blender but for the time I have some problems with textures of my project 001 for the time is a bad start I know...😆

I was asking Aquila but he is not available for the time.


This is my first Project, I want  give a foliage camo to a german helmet, but like you can see the helmet himself is include in the foliage texture ?

<img src=blender-2021-01-21-03-48-41-69.jpg


<img src=CM-Normandy-2021-01-19-23-52-10-30.jpg

this is how it appear, with a mod, of @benpark if I can remember, I dont have any Idea how I can resolve it , do have somebody idea about ??





                                                                                   I take also the oporturnity to show you what I did for the time.

Normaly soon mods will be available


Project 002 chinstrap us regular infantry I want to give one of the aspect of the us soldier in ww2 like we know all in movies...

<img src=CM-Normandy-2021-01-04-23-47-23-47.jpg


Project 003 chinstrap us airborne infantry 


I was trying to give another view of the elite units like descripe above...

<img src=CM-Normandy-2021-01-21-13-33-36-72.jpg


If you want see it in action please ask or check the videos from @Falaise, I m sure he will present you some soon...


Project 004 I want to replace the UK Bedford to a Chevrolet or Ford Canadian truck... 

<img src=blender-2021-01-29-21-23-28-57.jpg


here another view 

<img src=blender-2021-01-28-23-58-44-38.jpg


Project 005 us helmet with chinstrap behind the helmet 

<img src=blender-2021-02-02-21-13-41-48.jpg


but like the german helmet when the file is ready in the game the texture doesn t work !



Like I said all are PROJECTs some are almost finish but some not this is why there are not for the time in the CMMODs,

...I think this will be benefic for everybody and for every module from BF if I could finish it , so please if somebody have knowledges or want to working about I am able to share with him but let me know !

I would like that there are not only stay a project !

Thanks in advance 


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Nice work. I like the loose chin-strap in particular.

What isn't showing up? Is it the leaves of the foliage when the model is applied to the helmet?

If so, it may be a save setting in Blender when using the plug-in converter. There are many places to mess up there, as you know.

It's been a few months since I did any model adaptations- the things I would check might be that the texture assignments (for the two models- helmet and any foliage applied). Sometimes things default to strange places, so I generally keep every file in a "work-in-progress" folder to avoid that.

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thanks @benpark , @Anonymous_Jonze, apreciated, 

(if so, it may be a save setting in Blender when using the plug-in converter.)

What kind of functions you could suggest in the setting ? perhaps sending a screen of the config will help ?


I am working on the chinstrap behind now, and probably make the loose chinstrap public soon, I have to make some retouch again and prepare also probably for the brit can pol will see...

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8 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

Paddy looks down from his bar stool up in heaven ... "Be Jeezus, some feeker is messing about with me Bedford."

...yes the Bedford is higher but the chevy is stockier and smaller, that does not prevent it from being a good truck that the canadians used,

I only dare to hope that I put it at the right height...

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3 hours ago, Falaise said:

the chinstraps are great
to try it is to adopt it
I hope that this problem of foliage on the helmet which founds the 2 textures will be solved!

imagined the beautiful English or US ally helmets with an embossed burlap camo !!!
personally I tried Blender but now I am dumped !!

Thanks Steph to make a good pub...when I find the way to realize it I (We) can provide to change the real foliage and flowers that we want according on the scenario that we choose to play... sigh !

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3 minutes ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

I'd be willing to bet we'll see actual CMPs in whatever module adds Commonwealth forces to CM:FB.....Can't see @MikeyD letting that one slide!  ;)

PS - Kind of surprised to learn we don't already have CMPs TBH, they were pretty common.

Yes perhaps I have to wait for the CMFB update, and hope that this vehicle and more wishes like Schwimwagen ... will be incorporated in these new awaiting one, crossing fingers that Steve and Staff read all ours messages... but since this append, I think lot of water will flowing in the river (the Rhin in this case) place to CMBS update first !!, thanks to your comments...

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Funny Steph @Falaise I like it ...effectively one face looking very wrong, the nose is too high and has to be reworked, the other one look very nice, and with this face can go really to Hollywood, don t you ?

I am already busy to cut the bandage for the brit... but you have to help me with to count how much I have to cut and the place to put on it  (joking) very nice if we can fixe this problem !

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5 hours ago, 3j2m7 said:

...yes the Bedford is higher but the chevy is stockier and smaller, that does not prevent it from being a good truck that the canadians used,

It wasn't a criticism of the truck or your mod. It's long running joke around these parts that Paddy aka my granddad spent he entire war driving around in a Bedford full of Guinness.

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Don t worry, I dont took like a criticism, I know that you are also joking left and right where you can, but in Your Art and we know, or, don t how is the English Art, and I really appreciated it, cos I do the same sometimes.

...hopfuly now she was (is) really heathy,... for my part I would be...

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Some news about helmets


<img src=CM-Normandy-2021-02-07-21-07-31-28.jpg


Tanks crew armor with tank glasses 


<img src=CM-Normandy-2021-02-07-01-23-06-94.jpg


Variant with infantry helmets 


<img src=CM-Normandy-2021-02-07-21-39-02-98.jpg


...also for Armored Infantry only some are available  !

Sadly that I couldn t do it in 3d, when I find the way to added 3d foliages... on helmets all problems will be resolve !

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8 minutes ago, Anonymous_Jonze said:

Wow these are looking awesome!!! Is there a specific tag for Armored Infantry/Panzergrenadiers so they have seperate helmets from the infantry?

Exact this will be also include, but I have to make some test again, about tanker helmets could be that there is a problem when using armor infant and armor...

if doesn t work you have to make a choice, this is why I do a variant !

After US army will come Brit and CW than  German...

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