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New CM:BS Module (Insert Title Here) Bones Thread

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@Sgt.Squarehead Abrams and BTR-4E. I think the Polish Leopard 2A5 has combat properties closer to Abrams than the Oplot. Unfortunately, I can't create a 3D model of the Rosomak from scratch. Therefore, I used the resources of CMSF2. I also used the German G36 rifle as the Polish MBSB Grot. Anyway, both currently have a very bad opinion.


There are also Polish license-built T-72M tanks and the Polish modification of the PT-91 Twardy. We also have over 1000 BMP-1 in the oldest version and Mercedes G received together with Leopards and Polish similar Honkers (but unfortunately only in appearance and not in terms of technical parameters).


Polish Hibneryt anti-aircraft system. By the way, you can see how well I've made Polish uniforms.



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8 hours ago, z1812 said:

I think in terms of sales and scenario creation, Poland and/or Turkey would be good choices. Turkey would be a good fit for CMSF2 as well.

Turkey would be cool but since they're in NATO I think Russia would be better. Gives an opponent on somewhat equal footing to the Euro nations. 

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13 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

A couple of years back I'd have been uttely indifferent to that idea, but since 'H&E' I'm an ardent convert to mods.

Because of no CM North Africa love from BFC... I wish I had time, I'd love to try to make a altered time /mod for North African setting in Libya and Egypt. In this altered reality, the war started a year or so later (whatever is earliest allowed in CMFI). This then sets up using CMFI modded for NA, to be able to create Gazala /El Alamein battles using CMFI's earliest allowed time line.
So yeah, lots of late PzIII's, PzIVs and a zug or two of tigers vs Shermans, etc, etc. Using those 1943 units to replay those battles I think would be smashing fun!

What got me thinking of this was a blurb from Grenadiers (Stackpole, Panzer Meyer), he mentioned in 1942, when the Leibstandarte was reconstituting in France, they were preparing to head off for North Africa! However, we all know what happened on the Eastern Front late 42, which altered that from taking place. This got me thinking..... maybe too much. 😊

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There is a CMAK North Africa mod already (by @kohlenklau IIRC)...

... I imagine the Churchill Mk1 would make a good model swap for an M3 Lee/Grant.

After that quite a large chunk of the Desert War could be represented with CMFI by a team of modders/content creators/map makers.

I will say that, although I have far too much stuff on my plate for further mod projects right now, I'm willing to lend aid to anybody else who wants to try forming an "H&E-esque"  team & project.


With [tags], a "can do" attitude & an understanding player base... a lot can be achieved.

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7 hours ago, 37mm said:

With [tags], a "can do" attitude & an understanding player base... a lot can be achieved.

He ain't joking.....I'm amazed at what has been done in 'H&E' and I've been watching from the inside!  :o

7 hours ago, 37mm said:

I imagine the Churchill Mk1 would make a good model swap for an M3 Lee/Grant.

Best armoured Lee/Grant ever.....But as we discovered with 'H&E' experiments, you just won't notice that if the tank/gun firing at it is in turn slightly overpowered (like a 50mm L/60 disguised as the earlier L/42 gun).

This could be done, for sure.  B)

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