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I use a Traffic Ligt analogy for Fire Orders'. As I delete a Cover Arc you hear clearly "cease fire!" Traffic Light Green Move N no Cover arc. Amber Cover Arc Troops have their firearms ready. Red: Direct Fire order on the point of assault. Here is the Aachen Campaign "Knock them All Down." Troops Used Green +1. Not perfect they suffered one casualty took their objective. Morale was reduced to cautious for some reason.       

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3 hours ago, fireship4 said:

Fire arcs do not improve spotting they only restrict fire and affect facing as far as I understand.

Sorry you understand me wrong. I didn't say anything about spotting. It has to do with readiness. The fire arc also stimulates readiness in the designated zone. For infantry I use the direct fire command together with a movement command often for the assault. The first text is the action with the cover arc 2nd text is direct fire order combined with assault. I think most players ignore this green text. With a cover arc they react also much faster than without it. Just observe as an exercise ' Hunt' with a cover arc and hunt without it, they tend without it to dance all over the place. My conclusion is reaction times of the troopers are noticeably faster. On 'Hunt' I want the 2 troopers to hold their fire. Upon spotting they evade contact also quicker. Exactly what I want them to do. I see the cover arc as a fire order not just to restrict. If you look through a gun sight you suffer from tunnel vision. You lose situational awareness. Spotting can become less with a cover arc. Not better. I will post something about the Hunting move. 


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8 hours ago, mjkerner said:

chuckdyke, you could learn a lot by reading the manuals. It sounds like you’re having fun figuring these things out, but you are not always giving out correct information.

OK I accept the hunt mode as @fireship4put it. But on Camera position one if you take away the cover arc you clearly hear cease fire. I just make a data base on things I observe playing the game. 

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