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I had to lobby hard to get Valentine into the game. Steve was originally not going to include it. He'd imagined Valentine numbers had petered out due to attrition by the title's timeframe.  But I prov

I'm a brand-new customer and only just heard of Combat Mission thanks to the Shock Force 2 listing on Steam. This despite looking for literal years for a realistic tactics simulation of infantry and c

Can you elaborate more on the features of the Engine 5 Update?

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12 hours ago, Suchy said:

What other Lend-Lease equipment besides the Shermans will be available? Will there be halftracks, Valentine? Valentine was used very heavily by the Russians.
And we are preparing a new field for modding - the Korean War and duels between the Shermans and the T34.


6 hours ago, HUSKER2142 said:

How many armored vehicles should be expected under Lend-Lease, will there be a Churchill tank ?


15 hours ago, Lille Fiskerby said:

Thanks BFCElvis, much appreciated and great pictures. Is there any chance to see the Valentine tank ?

The Lend Lease vehicles are the 2 Shermans I posted, the Valentine pictured here and:









2.5 Ton Truck


WORD OF CAUTION!!!!  The reason that we don't put lists like this up before pre-orders open is because sometimes things change. So, if one (or more) of these vehicles isn't in the game you have been warned. 🙂 Although this close to being wrapped up it is hard to imagine any of these being dropped. 

My Funny Valentine.jpg

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1 hour ago, danfrodo said:

Molotov said "great news, we're getting military help from the west!  British tanks!!!".  I suspect they were hoping for spitfires. 

One suspects that something was lost in translation. Molly would have said "Great" and "Spitfires". When it came to the struggle against the Dictatorship of the Semi-literate he was in the front line.

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10 hours ago, Sgt.Squarehead said:

Yeah, because the 17pdr fired an early sabot round, but if it hit at those ranges it would still penetrate.....The 76mm not so much.

Over 1km the sabot rounds were not very accurate, the accuracy problems were sorted out not till the fifties. I have always been puzzled why the US ordnance didn't give the 76 mm Shermans HVAP ammo. Only with the APDS round has the 17 pounder better penetration. The ergonomics of the 76 mm turret on the US vehicle was superior. The other vehicle who has HVAP the Hellcat is one nifty TD in FB it tackles all German Armor very well. But use it as a TD not as a Tank. It shouldn't look for Armor but knows its fire position and its intended target and know how to exit after the engagement. Happy Gaming.  

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On 1/11/2021 at 6:50 PM, IanL said:

It is not at all reasonable for a squad leader getting his men out of harms way to have multi minute delays just because a lot of order segments are involved. I realize the command delays are good at representing communication delays and experience for higher up commanders. It utterly fails for lower level officers and NCOs. Since in CM you play all command levels it just do not work.

Sorry to pull out a post from earlier in the thread, but this is well put.  This is one of a couple of big issues that the Graviteam games suffer from.  They designed a great engine, but in the name of playing at a higher tactical level, they remove fine control over individual units and add command delays.  These are both good ideas but as implemented they made the game less realistic not more.  AI is not advanced enough to do what you would do in the place of a soldier, squad or platoon leader, and they end up doing frustrating things.



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On 1/21/2021 at 1:54 AM, t34577685 said:

great work! gentlemen

Matilda are not included this time?


To the timeframe of CMRT and the module Matildas already were out of service. Their last active usage was during Kursk battle. To the 1944 most of survived tanks were moved to training units.

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