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@John, small bug in installer


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On 12/31/2020 at 4:02 AM, markshot said:

Thanks.  I though as the forum admin he would catch his name or the word bug.

There seems to be an activation short cut in the installation directory, but not installed on the desktop or program menus.

Happy 2021!

Hi Mark. In the dark blue bar at the top of this forum you'll see a link titles Special Upgrade 4 Tech Tips. Look in there and you'll see the instructions for creating the utility if the installer didn't create it for you. Right now, only Fortress Italy and Shock Force 2 create the utility as a desktop shortcut. I have been campaigning for each new release to include it. 

Also, if you ever need help, open a Help Desk ticket. Forum posts can get lost but those send up red flags. 

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Thanks, John.  I was fine.  And am sure anyone else who bought most games were too.  I was just thinking of the noob who only got this title.

Even though retired, once a software engineer always a software engineer, and so I report bugs whenever I see them.  It's like telling someone that their tire went flat before they pull away from the curb.

Stay safe!

PS:  Because of you, I now have the complete CM2 collection.  I would have never gotten beyond WWII without you.

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