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CMFB : Worghern Environment Mod Review

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I only use the snow part of the Worghern mod.

  it seems to me that you only use the ground and not the vegetation of this mod yet this is in my opinion what is best done and makes it particularly immersive


This scenario is the first that I tested after buying the game I had not seen that it was set in Real Time

it was great, this scenario is really made for this mod that i never usually use. I felt like I had another game...

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2 hours ago, Bulletpoint said:

Worghern's mod is a bit too "winter wonderlandy" for my taste... yes trees can look sort of like that in winter, but it depends on some special conditions. Most of the time, snow on trees looks different - at least around here.

I would say that "winter wonderlandy" pretty much chimes with my impression of it too. 

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I've recently been playing around with CMFB, @SeinfeldRulesterrain set also comes with its own snowy tree's. I think they might satisfy those wanting a more subtle look.

One minor irritation is [whitewash]* doesn't seem to work for terrain... I was initially hoping to have the full "winter wonderland" activate for January only.

As such, I'm now leaning towards merging the environment mod (for things like flavour objects & roofs) with Seinfelds mod.



*or [snow whitewash] & [whitewash snow]

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