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I've got nothing to contribute to this topic. I just wanted to say its 2:30 in the morning and snowing out and I don't want to go to bed. But yesterday I stayed up til 4am and I can't keep doing stuff like that. So I'm off to bed.

Oh, and I think 'friendly fire' is Steve's revenge on us for daring to use close air support in a WWII title.

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11 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

It looks like a not so perfect Sunday.

Well spotted on the scenario.

Still got a tactical victory.

Only points I didn't get was for not keeping 80% of my force intact. Didn't get my calculator out but I suspect this was the incident that took me over the line.

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I'd actually called off the airstrike at this point too. This was nearly a minute later.

I did get radio chatter of "STOP!!! STOP!!!" straight after the friendly fire so I can't complain the immersion was broken.

Believe it or not it happened again later in the scenario (after a strike was called off).

But there were only lightly wounded (no actual casualties) so I didn't bother with a screenshot (and strangely nobody shouted "STOP!!! STOP!!!").

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