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UK Piccadilly Circus - AAR and Where to put Konkurs?

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I played this as Syrians vs British (Andew), and was thourghly smashed. British won a Major Victory with 12 minutes left to play, as my last remaining fella surrendered (all others dead or wounded).

Highlights were British losing 9 (iirc) tracked vehicles to AT Mines, ATGMs, RPGs, recoiless rifles.

But British were overwhelming against the Syrian conscripts, even though I hid for as long as possible (taking only good shots), and little VP in causing casualties VS holding ground.

A big question I had was where to put the ATGMs - they need long fields of fire so are the central high rise towers a good place? I'd left them in the mosque and covering the long road leading to the milk factory.



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I am starting this scenario playing Syrians as a PBEM against a friend. I set RPG teams in ambush positions usually at street corners. The crewed ATGM's are on low rise roofs covering the largest fields of fire possible. Each will be moved, if possible, after firing. Like you, I have one covering the open road to the Milk Factory.

Your plan sounds very much like mine. All my men are hiding. I have not used any target arcs although I may as my opponents attack develops.

I will let you know how it goes.


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On 11/19/2020 at 5:43 PM, THH149 said:

ATGMs - they need long fields of fire so are the central high rise towers a good place?

If your oppo is experienced one of the first actions he may take is AREA FIRE on obvious high locations.  VS an experienced oppo you could place the long range weapons in less obvious locations and be sure to have a safe place they can relocate to if they survive firing their first missile.  The unit is unlikely to survive longer than that if it stays in the same position.

The other tactic is to set up the ATGM's someplace safe but near to the high locations and move the ATGM's to the high locations a few minutes later in the game - so that any enemy area or artillery fire is finished.

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Those are good ideas....

In my game the Brits sent a huge force down the road to the Syrian left, to run through the gap in the road barrier and head for the Mosque on the shortest route, he lost two APCs mulling about and unloading on the road, another to an AT mine in the gap, and another two at the mosque from RPG/ATGM fire from central high rises. Once the mosque was cleared, he then sent more APCs to press from the Syrian right towards the milk factory and lost 4 APCs in the process. By game end we counted 9 APCs still running. The Brits were assisted by Art and helicopters.

I think Syrian (my) mistakes were playing a very static game and letting the Brits come to me and destroy me, and I'd need to learn to pull back more readily, and have fallback routes identified.  That's one reason why the central highrises are nice but harder to work with. The other is that the objective zones are not mutually supporting which forces a split in the Syrian forces (i split mine roughly 30/60 between mosque and factory, and some Toyotas to cover the crossroads.

But the Brits are overwhelming in strenght and dont care about losses if they capture all three victory zones. 


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