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Canadian Uniforms - Literally Unplayable!

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I don't want to alarm anyone, but there appears to be a HUGE problem with the Canadian uniforms in CMSF:2.

Have a look at these fellas that greeted me when I loaded up the Cunuckian campaign:


Year 2008. Arid CADPAT - check. C7A2s - check. BEWs - check. Olive green Load Bearing Vest circa Bosnia 1994 ... what in the tabarnak is this?

Alright, drama for the sake of comedy aside, this is a strange one considering in CMSF:1 Canadian troops were (correctly) represented as wearing all Arid CADPAT gear. Where as it seems for CMSF:2 a conscious decision was made to change the Canadian uniform artwork and clad troops in their ancient OG LBVs.

Yes, the Canadians kept using the LBVs well out of the 90's - even surviving the introduction of CADPAT. In fact the initial force into Afghanistan wore Temperate Woodland CADPAT and OG LBVs. Afghanistan c.2002 (source and  source) :


Not long after in 2003, the new Tac-Vests are introduced, albeit still in "Temperate Woodland"; the LBVs are never seen in combat operations again. (source and source) :


Then in 2004 Arid uniforms and C7A2s were introduced. Can you believe they still drove the ILTIS in Afghanistan in 2004? (source and source) :


"Arid uniform - Green TacVest" combo survived for a while, well into Op Medusa in 2006 (source) :


By 2007 however, the entire ensemble can be seen in Arid CADPAT; also issued ballistic eyewear is introduced (source and source) :


Thank you for making it to the end of my brief on The Woes of the Canadian Military Equipment Procurement.

Seems pretty clear that by mid-2008 CMSF timeline the gear would be all Arid CADPAT and new-pattern TacVest ... as it was in CMSF:1.

Anyone have any insight into what happened in CMSF:2 with the LBV's? @MikeyD or @BFCElvis perhaps?


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11 hours ago, Roter Stern said:

Most certainly intended that way, yes 😆

Apologies if anyone is reading this post in a serious tone, I'll go back to eating my pineapple pizza now 🤪


10 hours ago, BFCElvis said:

You monster!

Exactly. Ban him, ban him - BAN HIM 🍍🍕🤮


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17 hours ago, Roter Stern said:

Most certainly intended that way, yes 😆

Apologies if anyone is reading this post in a serious tone, I'll go back to eating my pineapple pizza now 🤪

It's a known fact that eating pineapple pizza before battle increases the accuracy of incoming indirect fire

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On 10/28/2020 at 1:51 PM, sigop22 said:

More accurately, most of us were buying our own vests and bringing them into theatre 2008.

Silly arse snack-vest. 

While true, point still remains - there is absolutely no reason why the OG LBV should be worn by the CAF troops in CMSF.

@MikeyD - any insight into this?

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Nothing to do with this thread, just wanted to plug “Hyena Road” which I rewatched over the weekend. Very underrated war movie IMHO. The filmmaker, Paul Gross, went to Kandahar and filmed a lot of actual combat footage, like this clip, which were woven into the movie.

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9 hours ago, MikeyD said:

I was specifically ordered by Steve to place the ammo carrying vest over the body armor. Welcome to 2007-timeframe Canadian forces.

canadian vest 3 copy.jpg

Yeah, but a wrong vest, Mikey!

That OG LBV was fully discontinued by 2003. In fact it was discontinued with such extreme prejudice that even the Army Cadets didn't get them. I think they were all cut-up and sold as textile-scrap to recyclers. The odds of finding one of those vests on a paintball field in Canada, let alone an overseas operation in 2007~2008 is nil.

9 hours ago, MikeyD said:


Only to prove my point - here's the high-res version of this very photo.

Those troops are (mostly) wearing the new CADPAT TacVest and two on the right are wearing some COTS gear. And even then, those two are M203 gunners and I'm guessing those COTS vests are for the 40mm ammo.


Perhaps in 2007~2008 they were still wearing a mix of arid and temperate CADPAT, perhaps a mix of COTS gear (like @sigop22 mentioned above). But the point still remains - there was not a single OG LBV in sight.

Have a quick look at this - Official photos from Canadian Forces Combat Camera from 2007

There is this photo from 21-Jan-2007 - one guy in arid and one in temperate vests, but both are CADPAT.

Then there is this one from 31-Jan-2007 - wearing some form of COTS vest.

The way CMSF:1 had it - all Arid gear - was (more) accurate than what we have in CMSF:2, in my opinion.

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