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A lot of folks have been talking about how they prefer campaigns and missions that allow sufficient time to play thoughtfully and carefully.  For those folks the "El Derjine" Campaign v1.2 ( by the redoubtable designer Snake Eye) is highly recommended.  The maps are large (and very good) and one is given sufficient time to do recon and develop a plan.  Several missions are in the 2+ hour range.  

It's not a long campaign (4 missions if you keep winning with two additional missions if one loses a mission) but have found that the AI in the "El Derjine" Campaign scenarios have been cleverly programmed to act in a very devious manner and I was surprised on several occasions.  So, "El Derjine" is about quality not quantity.  In particular the maps seem to have been designed so that the AI units can move and approach unseen to the human player and give one a nasty surprise if one has not been careful to guard flanks etc.  So, AI attacks are not all like shooting fish in a barrel.  In El Derjine missions, I can't recall ever being able to simply get units into good ambush positions and simply wait so one can kill all Red forces virtually as soon as they appear on the map as one often can do in "Highland Games".  One has to have one's wits about one as the maps usually allow for significant hidden enemy movement.  

It's also worth saving Mission One and Mission Two and (assuming one wins them the first time), deliberately losing as the next missions (that can only be accessed if you lose either Mission One or Two) are both wonderful.  

Snake Eye has been one of the best CMSF designers.  His "Road to Dinas" is also spectacular and very long (14+ mission IIRC.  The missions are all long IIRC and some of the missions are very hard.


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Another interesting thing is that in "El Derjine" the Platoon HQ's are able to spot for artillery and air

Since Platoon HQ's cannot spot for arty and air in "Highland Games" maybe scenarios made for CMSF1 do not suffer from the same bug as scenarios and campaigns remade for CMSF2???

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CMSF2 somehow enabled the platoon HQ 51mm assault mortar as an on-map indirect support asset.  This seems to be causing the Platoon HQ to be treated as a mortar team, rather than an HQ.  I guess this change did not make its way into existing scenarios, only newly made ones.

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