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Interesting New Video From Serbian Exercise 2020

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It was a showcase for the products of domestic armament industry and Military Technical Institute (Lazar 3M 20 MRAPNora B-52Pasars, modernized M 77 Oganj, modernized  Orao,Vrabac UAV, upgrades for M 84 tanks - M84 AS1 and AS2 (domestically produced T 72M/M1 variants), new firearms and opto-electronic devices for it) and new purchase from abroad - Mil-Mi 35's, Pantsir S1's, Chinese UAV's.

More of everything from above (domestically produced preferred) would be good...

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This reminds me of one of my pet peeves: How multiple rocket launchers in most games have the rockets leave a trail of smoke along their whole flight.

As we see in this video, they only make a smoke trail in the first part of the trajectory.

And yes, I realise I should probably care about some more important things...

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