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New WWII movie on Netflix, "The Liberator"

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4 hours ago, Erwin said:

Yes.  Seasons 1 and 3 were xnt.  Season 2, so-so.

The possible problem with an air war version "follow up" to BoB is the air combat part tends to be limited and then to establish characters and relationships it's all back at base or local town where they all drink like horses (natch) and have fights over the love interests.  So, all cliches.

Yes, inevitable.

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22 hours ago, landser said:

Same, and especially naval. I dream of an epic, historical, accurate film about Leyte. Such an important event, with so many facets, drama, mistakes, courage and sacrifice. Would make a fantastic film, done right.

Although they don't look like they tell the story of the recapture, these two films (one is a remake of the other) are set there in 1945:



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Related to usage:


"US Sherman tanks carried the M64, a 75mm white phosphorus round intended for screening and artillery spotting, but tank crews found it useful against German tanks such as the Panther that their APC ammunition could not penetrate at long range. Smoke from rounds fired directly at German tanks would be used to blind them, allowing the Shermans to close to a range where their armour-piercing rounds were effective. In addition, due to the turret ventilation systems sucking in fumes, German crews would sometimes be forced to abandon their vehicle: this proved particularly effective against inexperienced crews who, on seeing smoke inside the turret, would assume their tank had caught fire.[6] Smoke was also used for "silhouetting" enemy vehicles, with rounds dropped behind them to produce a better contrast for gunnery.[7]


As a rule German tanks employ smoke shells to achieve surprise, to conceal a change of direction, and to cover their withdrawal. The shells normally are fired to land about 100 yards in front of an Allied force. There are no reports to indicate that smoke shells are used in range estimation.


In attacking a village, German tanks fire smoke shells to lay a screen around the village in an effort to confuse the defenders as to the direction of the attack. Smoke shells always are used to conceal a change of direction of the attack, the wind permitting. When a German tank company (22 tanks) wishes to change direction, smoke shells are fired only by one platoon. With the fire tanks of a platoon firing three shells each, the total of 15 shells is said to provide enough smoke to cover the movement of the entire company.

If a German tank force knows the exact location of an antitank-gun position, it uses both smoke shells and high-explosive shells. If the force does not know the exact location, only smoke shells are used. When a single tank runs into an antitank position, it likewise fires only smoke shells, usually two or three rounds, to cover its movements.

Smoke shells are fired from the 75-mm guns of the Pz. Kpfw. IV's [1], and also, it is reported, from 88-mm guns on other armored vehicles. Smoke shells are not fired by the Pz. Kpfw. II [2] or the Pz. Kpfw. III [3], both of which are equipped to discharge "smoke pots" with a range of approximately 50 yards. These pots are released electrically, and are employed chiefly to permit the tank to escape when caught by antitank fire.


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  • 4 weeks later...

so The Liberator was released in US yesterday.  Today during my lunch-exercise break I watched the first 45 minutes.  Folks on this forum will certainly notice the Chaffee tank in January 1944 Anzio -- which I am sure would've have been nice to have if those tanks existed then.  I was going to say I am rather mixed on the show, except that somehow 45 minutes on a ski machine felt like 15 minutes, so clearly I was very engaged.  I am not excited about the comic book presentation but given how little WW2-based material is available, I am saying give it a try. 

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