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          Sniper in the Corn



Description :

With the release of Shock Force 2 on Steam, I wanted to create an relatively simple introductory scenario with a low troop density thus easy to manage where new players can practice small units infantry tactics against an insurgent force. In the end the map size and the length of the battle are probably too large for a real basic scenario but that was my initial starting point.

The scenario has you lead a single platoon of British infantry plus support elements, belonging to the C Company, 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment and takes place in september 2008, early morning in Helmand province, Afghanistan, in the green zone roughly halfway between Sangin to the North and Gereshk to the South West.

Mission length : 1H30 minutes plus extra time.

Map size : 1150 X 1680m


There are three AI plans each with a different and semi randomized setup.

Play as Blue attacker against Red AI only.


Install :

Make sure your game is patched to version 2.04 and you have the British module, then extract in : documents/battlefront/Shock Force 2/game files/scenarios

or for a Steam install : steam root folder/battlefront/Shock Force 2/game files/scenarios

Download :

https://www.dropbox.com/s/4cqqqprigsy5n29/afg - sniper in the corn - isaf.rar?dl=0

Sources :

Insurgent Tactics in Southern Afghanistan 2005-2008
Jerry Meyerle, Carter Malkasian

Michael Yon, Death in the Corn


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