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Digital Delivery Platform launched! 30% Discounts on all Downloads!

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It's finally here - our new digital delivery platform for bringing games directly to your computer via digital download! Now you can order, download and play Battlefront games literally within minutes. No shipping delays, no shipping cost.

If you prefer the traditional delivery method by mail, or if you like to have a fully printed manual*, those options will remain available, too. In fact, each game is now available with three delivery options to choose from:

- Digital Delivery only.

- Mail Delivery only.

- Both Digital and Mail Delivery.

So if all you want is to download the newest release and immediately play, you can choose Digital Delivery only and save on the shipping cost. If you would like to play immediately, but still do not want to miss out on the fully printed manual and a backup CD, you can order the Digital & Mail Delivery option, and will be able to download and play right away… and will get the game CD plus the Manual in the mail a few days later.

To celebrate the launch, Battlefront is offering a unique “30 days / 30% off” sale on all downloads**.

For the next 30 days, starting today, all games ordered with the Digital Delivery only option, receive a special 30% discount off the regular retail price. If you ever wanted to own and play a Battlefront game but hesitated, now is THE opportunity to get it at a great price AND play within minutes.

You can now order the all-time classic Combat Mission Beyond Overlord for as little as $14 (regular price $20), secure a copy of Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin (required for the upcoming Combat Mission Campaigns game) for only $24.50 (instead of $35), or check out what TacOps 4 , the official Army tactical training tool, is all about - for only $17.50 (instead of $25).

Check out our products page for all available games and pricing options. This offer is valid for only 30 days starting today!

* Some games ship with electronic manuals in pdf format

** Sale price available on all “Digital Delivery” orders except for new releases and pre-orders.

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