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No longer able to post screenshots on the BFC forums.

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I'm no longer able to post screenshots.  I have used Imgur for the past few years without a problem.  I am still able to post screenshots on other sites like Grogshead but not here.  I have tried to post from different computers and different browsers.  I contacted the help desk (they suggested trying a different browser).  I don't think anything on my end has changed.  Same computers, same Imgur, same Windows 10, same browser etc.  The forum did change to this new format.  It was after the forum change I discovered I could no longer post.  I am still posting screenshots in other sites.  Any ideas?

@Schrullenhaft any adult supervision would be greatly appreciated. 

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Here's a test from Imgur:


😁 shameless plug for my Hedgerow Hell mod.

I'm always running out of space in my attachments allocation. @Warts 'n' all is correct in that you can delete older attached images to free up space, and the images will stay embedded in the forum BUT this only seems to happen after a certain amount of time. Delete the images attachments too soon and they seem to disappear for good. I think the images embed after perhaps a month or two, maybe when they are archived or some such. I've deleted some after a few weeks and they disappeared never to be seen again, and because we can't edit posts after a given time the post will forever be without images - very annoying if you try to read older posts to follow a thread or some useful advice.

I appreciate that BF provide the forums for free to us, but storage is very cheap now and it's a shame that such a useful resource can get scrambled over time - I guess the Internet Archive may have older versions of the site saved WITH images. I digress and this doesn't help you now.

Is there a limit in Imgur? I just joined so have only got a few images on there.


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Test screenshot post:


Works for me, use "direct link" and the button below "other media" and use "insert image from URL".

Edit: I have never noticed images disappearing from this forum using Imgur. But I don't have a ton of images there.

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