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As far as semi-historical and historical battles go I think it goes like this....

Bridge no. 7 

Out on a Limb

Outstanding Gallantry

All Round Defense

Landing Zone T

Devil's Hill

Drive on Dreijsenseweg

Johanna Hoeve Farm

Back to the Waal

A Man can die but once

Nijmegen Road Bridge

Boldness be my Brother

Lonsdale's Block 

Betuwe on Fire

You can always check with a pen and paper to hand, or create a battles database like I did. Just fire up a scenario and check the date in the briefing. It could well be that other forumites have played some battles that I haven't, and that might have more suggestions for you. Happy gaming!

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You're welcome.

I forgot to mention that there is also a scenario that comes with the MG Module that is set back on Normandy on the 16th July. It is called "Green Hell" and pits US forces against the Fallschrimjager.

Also, the battle I call "Nijmegen Road Bridge" comes from thefewgoodmen website, where it is called Nijmegen Finale and includes a mod folder using that name.

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Bear in mind that not all of those scenarios will have been designed for HtH play. Solo play requires different design choices to H2H. So you or your opposition will have to get used to the imbalance. Perhaps get the stronger player to take the weaker side.

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