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Trying to Update CMFI to 3.0 but receiving an invalid licence key error

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You purchased the CMFI 3.0 Upgrade or was your 'base game' the 3.0 version (it depends on when you initially purchased CMFI) ? This version refers to the 'Engine version' and doesn't directly apply to the 'game/patch' version (a different numbering scheme). You installed with the 'all-in-one installer' for CMFI or was it the 'upgrade installer' (which would be an option if you purchased the '3.0 Upgrade') ? Was CMFI previously installed and activated on this computer ? Did you install any 'patches' for CMFI before attempting to activate it ?

The initial version of CMFI was the 2.0 (Engine) version and there are 3.0 and 4.0 Upgrades available for it (along with a two modules). Depending on when you initially purchased CMFI it could be version 2.x, 3.x or 4.x. When 'Upgrades' are released, new purchases of the base game will be at this new/current version.

If you've install CMFI 3.x, then you can only install patches for this version. The latest patches (v. 2.x) are only for the 4.0 Upgrade. Unfortunately the download links for patches for the 2.x and 3.x (Engine) versions of CMFI are actually linking to the patches for the 4.x (Engine) version. If you've applied one of these 4.x/2.x patches to a CMFI 3.x/1.x version of the game, then you'll need to reinstall CMFI to get an executable that will NOT need a 4.0 Upgrade license key.

Assuming you have the correctly installed version, then the correct license key should work. If you're using copy-and-paste and you're still getting an 'invalid license key' error, then you will want to contact the Helpdesk (click on the blue '+ new ticket' button in the upper right) and they should hopefully be able to confirm that the license key is valid and functioning and correct the issue if there is a true problem with the license key.

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