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9 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

Hope this works for you ...  

Busting The Bocage_v1.btt 1.26 MB · 5 downloads

yes thank you comrade
it works
thank you so much :)


2 hours ago, Vacilllator said:

Boccage ou bocage, mon ami?

yes i end up losing my Latin .... English too 😉

1 hour ago, George MC said:

Enjoy! 😊

Don’t get killed in turn 1 in this one!

I no longer make the mistake of the incarnate !!! 🙄
at the beginning or I played under the curious eye of one of my boys this one attributed an armored vehicle saying that he was the tank commander. This systematically caused a reluctance on my part to engage it in combat.
During the breakthrough combat of the Falaise pocket on August 19 20 21, 1944, General Meindl who commanded the 2nd German parachute corps had to take command of the 3rd parachute division after its leader General Shimpf was wounded. He then found himself to command his son who was an officer in this unit.
On the morning of August 21, Meindl explains that he woke up his son who had spent the night next to him. After kissing him to celebrate his birthday which was August 21, the soldier took over and gave him his orders to finish the breakthrough.
I am still amazed by this episode

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