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The Panzer Depot (old school historical miniature wargaming shop in Kirkland WA) is going out of business next month

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To those of us who do historical wargaming in miniature (or know those who do) this is a terrible blow to our hobby, for there are few such stores in the entire country. Search FB under "Panzer Depot" to find the particulars. Would post the FB link directly, but info on that page includes extensive product listing and prices, so am not going to push my luck with the Mods. Deep-super deep discounts, depending on what the product is. The store sells minis and everything else to work on them, paint, base and play, including rules and small tools. FB page has contact info, and the store will ship via USPS Priority Mail. Here's a great opportunity to stock up and help a good man whose dream has been destroyed by a too long prolonged lockdown (store closed completely because was classed as nonessential), during which he lost a lot of business to online stores. 


John Kettler

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Shame...  However, I well recall in the cardboard and miniatures days of the 80's and 90's how the "holy grail" was computer sims that would enable us to essentially play with virtual miniatures and let the computer worry about rules. 

Well, we are now there.  I still have an entire WW2 Brit Armored Division miniature collection all beautifully painted and each unit mounted on magnets - haven't done anything with em for over 20 years - since CM made miniatures obsolete.  

Regrettably this is the sort of business almost certainly fated for closure regardless of coronavirus.

Who is gonna spend/who can afford an average of $15 for a miniature these days?


And why is the EDIT button no longer alongside the QUOTE button?  Why do we have to click on the button above right in order to access the EDIT button so we now have to do two clicks to get to EDIT?  What is the friggin point of that???

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