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I have been playing CMFI and had a problem that has occurred 4x now.  It occurs when I am on defense and I carefully place a gun, generally right behind a wall (not on the wall, behind the wall).  Then, when I am playing, all the sudden I have no forward LOS and cannot target any enemies.  I can traverse all the way around and shoot behind me, but not forward.  Another aspect of this that occurred recently is that my gun and crew were invulnerable - my opponent came right up to me with MG's blazing and I had no casualties (but I couldn't shoot back, either).  Eventually a side shot killed my crew which never shot back despite having many targets.  I have the turns for this and can post screen shots or send them along if that helps too.  I am on the second to last patch for CMFI and have been playing CM products for a long time so I wouldn't post here unless it is a real problem :)

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CM features many LOS issues like this.  eg: One can place a waypoint someplace and think that a unit in that position will have LOS, but when the unit gets there it does not have LOS.  The explanation is the STANCE of the unit.  When a unit is in its prepared end position perhaps it is kneeling or lying down (rather than standing), and so can't see what you thought it would see.

A related issue that is equally irritating is when the 3rd ammo carrier of an HMG team can target an enemy but the HMG gunner cannot.  You think you can fire at the target but the HMG cannot.  And so far there is no provision for the game to allow one to move the HMG or gun (or tank) a few inches so that the main weapons can fire at the target.  This happens very frequently. 

And then there are the pathing issues that we frequently see posts about...

We just have to learn to grin and bear it...  take it into account when playing.  And hope that CM3 may solve these issues.

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