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The British Forces Campaign - Highland Games

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The old flowchart is for the SF1 version ONLY. While the order of the battles and what happens next has not changed, the rest, refit and resupply variables have been modified to reflect the updates in

Or you could remember stuff, stop assuming and read the briefings maybe?

New and better enemy AI. Also with the patch improvements to soldiers staying in cover and not running away or toward you, your opponent is tough and fights very hard. Patience, recon by fire, objecti

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19 minutes ago, Lille Fiskerby said:

What app should I chose to open the CAM ? I removed the old CAM from the folder to still have both new and old campaigns available !

Did you have the game running at the time?  You would need to exit, copy the new campaign file into the campaigns folder (overwriting old one), then restart.

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Some more ideas, just speculating:

* Do you have the British module activated?

* Try removing other campaigns from the folder and see if they also get removed from the game, just to make sure that folder is actually also the folder where the game looks for it's campaigns.

Other than that I wouldn't know what it could be. The only thing I did different is that I chose to overwrite the old .cam file. But as file replacement is on OS level, that shouldn't be of any influence to CM: it just sees the files that are there at that moment.

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