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Teacher-started nascent WW II wargaming group (15 mm minis) needs donations

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We always talk about the need for new blood in wargaming, and this Middle School teacher has students wildly enthusiastic, but has done all he can on his own hook. The system is FoW, but I have asked Too Fat Lardies, makers of CoC, which I and others consider far superior, to get involved. The kids need minis, paint, brushes, small tools, cutting mats, tape measures, etc. Contact the teacher for specifics if not minis being donated.  I know some-many CM players also play minis, and if you've got such items surplus to requirements or would like to purchase some and donate those, it would really help the war effort.  With the help of the seller's price drop to support the project, managed to snag 40+ based and painted US infantry, which will be mailed by the seller sometime this week.  The link will take you to the teacher's page for this barely begun strategy gaming club, which I expect will grow rapidly as resources increase. The club is school sanctioned but has no budget.



John Kettler

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