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Turning, Moving, Facing, and Firing Arcs

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I have some questions about how CM2 is handling my move and face commands when I issue multi-part orders.  I understand that if I MOVE forward and FACE left that the vehicle will do it in that order.  If it has a turret, just the turret will FACE left (I think).  Same if I set a left facing firing arc.

Now if I MOVE my turreted vehicle forward (North), Set a left facing firing ARC (West), then MOVE left (West).  Will my ARC stay pointing left (West) relative to the map or stay relative to the vehicle and end up pointing away from my initial forward direction (South).

I can probably help the folks answering this question by starting their answer with "It depends." 😄  I also know that vehicles sometimes just won't do what you tell them to do even if they are supposed to do it. 

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