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Where to download scenarios?

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IIRC, the few good men took over all the other places that had mods and scenarios because the other sites weren't able to continue operating.  I'm pretty sure the BFC one was absorbed during that process.  The guy who runs the few good men stepped up to the plate and took on the project of saving everything and setting it up on his site.  At least, that's my vague recollection.  The guy who runs the few good men checks these forums occasionally so he can confirm that or I guess say that I'm not remembering it correctly if I'm mistaken.

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CMSF has an advantage over other titles on 3rd party scenarios because the old CMSF1 came out before the Quickbattle generator had matured. If people wanted to see a particular force arrangement they had to make the scenario themselves! So CMSF has a large catalog of 3rd party scenarios to choose from (CMSF2 can play CMSF1 scenarios no problem). A few of my own old scenarios are in the pot, though I frankly can only remember of of them - 'Lone Star Shopping Plaza'. I've completely forgotten about the others.

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How to install new companies and scenarios in the Steam version?
Please step by step instructions. 🙏

UPD: I wrote the question, reread it, thought it over and decided to look in the Steam community. And of course I found a good instruction there. 😀

Maybe someone else will come in handy: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2220554919

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1 hour ago, Zveroboy1 said:

I don't have it installed on Steam but I think you should go to your Steam root folder where all your games are installed, find Shock Force 2

Spasibo Comrade! 😀 ty

A russkoi vetki nigde net dlya obsuzhdeniya? ili mozhet soobschetvo podskazhesh dlya novichka?)

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