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Hello all - I have access to my forum account (obviously) and have raised a ticket in the helpdesk so I'm sure they will eventually get around to helping me. However if there is a chance you good folks can help me get access so I can close that ticket to avoid wasting their time even better.

It's been a long time since I last tried to login (or even play) and download combat mission (I own pretty much every single game), but I got the itch this week after watching some UsuallyHapless on youtube. I tried logging in but couldn't for the life of me remember either my username or password. The password reset requires you to have your email and username. I then found an email from 2013 with my 'account details' that contained a username which was the first 25 characters of my email and a random generated defunct password. Armed with this I then attempted to put my username and email into the reset only to find it limited to 24 characters - a little devtools edit later and I submitted the form with my username and email according to that 2013 message. Still got a no username/email address found.
Is it possible there was a database/website change and somehow my account has been murdered or put to sleep?

Thanks and apologies.

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Posted (edited)

I'm not getting a successful password reset, only gives me a username/email not found error. And I've already opened a support ticket alongside this, just wanted to check here in case I was doing something silly.

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