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Combat Mission 2 on GOG unplayable because of unitselection bug

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Just today I bought CC2 Barbarossa to Berlin on GOG and was thrilled that I could still find a playable version of the game. Imagine my dissapointment when I discovered that the unit selection is terrible in this version of the game. Vehicle units close to eachother are very hard to select without zooming all the way in. It is virtually impossible to select squad sized infantry units in halftracks which rather ruins the game as not being able to deploy your infantry is pretty awfull. 

Basically the game is unpalyable as of now.

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Are you comparing CMBB (CM2 - Barbarossa to Berlin) to one of the newer games like CMBN, CMSF2, etc ? The GOG version/distribution is exactly the same as the one Battlefront used to sell (version 1.03); other than the lack of copy-protection on the GOG distribution. Admittedly the interface on the newer games make selecting units and passengers quite a bit easier compared to the older games. 

Perhaps change your view ('numbers 1 - 6') and see if one of the overhead views makes selecting passengers any easier. 

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