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8 hours ago, VictorCharlie said:

Just downloaded CMFI and I am getting blurred text through out the game.

I am using the latest Engine 4 patch upgrades.


I’m using Windows 10.

Intel HD Graphics 5500 card.

That is an integrated card - right? No other graphics card? If one, make sure the game runs on it and not the integrated one. If only an integrated card, you might be out of luck, but better check with tech support on that (open a ticket).

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Unfotunately this appears to be a long-standing problem with the Intel OpenGL drivers and bitmapped text. No setting within the Intel driver control panel disables this aliasing effect. The only way for BFC to 'fix' this issue is to completely re-vamp the 2D graphic presentation system utilizing non-bitmapped text, a very significant programming effort. Or Intel could simply set an option within their driver to disable their aliasing/'smoothing' or bitmap compression.

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