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Gotta say this is one of my favorite scenarios I have played recently. Bravo to the designers of this one. It really highlights why I and others love the CM games. It's a short battle (30mins) with a small amount of troops on both sides. I love using British troops and equipment, cant wait for the updated campaign to be released. IMO other than the US, the English are the only other force that I have used in the modern titles that have well balanced infantry units. Even though this scenario only use's engineer troops just an observation of mine and am wondering what others think. Possibly the Canadians as well, but the Dutch, German, Ukrainian and Russian infantry units are just too fragile and lacking firepower IMO. 


Give it a shot, and Bravo again.

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Mark Ezra wrote the original Britain's Joy for CMSF-1, I just jazzed it up a bit for SF-2.  Glad you enjoyed it, although to be fair I think the only reason I took it on was because I didn't really like the backstory for the original.  I can't quite recall all the changes I made, a fair bit on the map to make it slightly more realistic, added some indirect fire for the opposition and used a trigger to cue it which was not something that could be done in the original Shock Force and rewrote the briefings and backstory.  I don't think I touched the Blue AI at all, and apart from the changes already mentioned, left the Red AI alone.  In summary, I just improved what was a solidly designed scenario by Mark.

Funnily enough, it's not really the kind of scenario I really enjoy and it is certainly not one that I would ever have considered making but it goes to show that people have different tastes and it is great that what little I did has given someone a positive experience.

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