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Is BFC aware that indirect on-map fire is bugged?

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This bug has been hanging around for a long time - has it been logged?

Conducting indirect fire missions from on-map assets (only guns of various sizes, not mortars), rate of fire is extremely slow, but accuracy is extremely high.

All weapons fire with the same slow speed and high accuracy, from 75mm German guns to big 150mm howitzers.

I know @RockinHarry also noticed this issue previously.

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No, I don't think he ever made any formal bug report. That's why I thought of doing it now. But can't seem to find the old posts - they were in some side branch of another topic.

But I can confirm it's still there in the latest patch of CMFB. Haven't tested out all guns, but 7.5 cm LeiG and 150mm Grille at least.

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39 minutes ago, Bud Backer said:

Dang. Sometimes things are surprisingly easy to find or recall, and other times... 

If you stumble across is please post here. It helps. 🙂

Finally found it.



On 9/12/2019 at 10:53 AM, RockinHarry said:

In CMBN 4.02 I just did some very interesting test with german regimental support gun Coy, having both on map 75mm guns and some offboard 150mm (left unused for the test). Placed the 75 at the base of a crest so they wouldn´t have direct LOS to intended target beyond and the Coy commander (serving as spotter) on top of that crest in command range. In fact the onboard guns can be called as indirect fire assets but with some weird results. Did choose an indirect fire target just the Coy commander could see at ranges of between 1000 and 3000 meters. (map is shooting range sort of size 500x3500m) Fire missions called were "Heavy", "General purpose" (and/or anti personnel in case of start game fire mission) and "short" (for duration). What I´d expected to see was max ROF, short duration at intended target. What I got instead was slow ROF (1-2 rounds a turn at max) delivered at up to 10 minutes with point fire accuracy. And I mean point fire accuracy as the rounds all landed just few meters (1 to 5 meters maybe, always same AS) distance at target, oftenly hitting the craters from previous shots. That independent from range (up to 3000 m ).

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15 minutes ago, Bud Backer said:


Debug note to self: CMBN 

It's not just in CMBN. I found it in CMFB too. Probably it's across the titles. My idea is that maybe it's some feature from the modern titles that has somehow spread into the code of the WW2 games?

Or maybe as Rockinharry says, it could be that the guns are somehow stuck in a buggy spotting rounds cycle.

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